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Featuring new developments and news about spinal cord injury, magazines and newsletters, interesting articles from academic journals and details of new resources that have recently been added to the library.

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News from the media and around the Internet

Ontario teen invents tongue-controlled mouse for physically disabled, National Observer. 

Tall ship Tenacious arrives in Sydney with crew of sailors with disabilities, ABC Online, A group of 40 sailors, half of whom have a disability, have sailed into Sydney Harbour onboard the tall ship Tenacious as part of a trip circumnavigating the world.

Lifts and maybe ramps coming to Sydney Harbour Bridge, SMH, Lifts will be installed at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by the end of next year, allowing those in wheelchairs, the elderly and parents with prams to avoid the 60-odd steps to the structure's pedestrian walkway. 

For more news visit SCIA's news pages, the SCIA Facebook page or if you would like to learn how to set up Google Alerts which are a great way to monitor what is going on out there in the world of disability and spinal cord injury contact the library and we'll show you how.

Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Blogs

Click on the links to read the articles in full or to view the magazine table of contents. If you would like to read any of the articles that are featured from the magazine table of contents, let us know the details and we will send the article to you.

AbleThrive - (Tips, advice, stories)

  • 27 July 2016
    • Parenting life hacks
    • Ups and downs of parenting with a disability
  • 20 July 2016
    • Allowing kids with disabilities to find independence
    • Finding love and self-worth
    • Developing patience
  • 13 July 2016
    • Kayaking
    • Exploring Disneyland
    • A trip to Hamilton Island
    • Hassle free holiday in Oslo
  • 6 July 2016
    • Don't let fear hold you back - life does go on
    • Position yourself for opportunities
    • Finding your own way of coping - discover what works for you
    • Getting dressed independently - useful tips
  • 4 July 2016 - Check out AbleThrives #LoveBoldly campaign. They wanted to counter the narrative (and ending) of Me Before You with real-life love stories of people with disabilities. It's their most successful campaign to date with over 50 photos reaching over 60k people in a month. 

Arts Access Australia

Carers NSW ebulletin

Disability Council NSW

Disability Horizons

  • 28 July 2016
    • Alexandra Kutas suffered a spinal cord injury during birth, but she’s never let her disability hold back. Meet Ukrainian’s first disabled model in a wheelchair.
  • 14 July 2016
    • 5 tips for accessible travelling
    • Disability and fashion: taking stock of your wardrobe
  • 11 July 2016
    • The accessible world of gaming
  • 4 July 2016
    • The UK's unwritten history of disability
    • Launch of Disability United

Link - This weeks What's news in Disability

New Mobility

  • July 2016 - read the digital edition, download the pdf or borrow the hard copy from the SCIA library.
    • China SCI trials exceeding expectations - combining stem cells/surgery with intensive walking 
    • Medical marijuana 2.0: stirring the pot
    • Learning to say yes - a journey from SCI to a new life
    • and lots more...

Physical Disability Council New South Wales (PDCN)

PN - Paralysed Veterans of America

the Spin - Spinal Cord Injury BC

  • Summer 2016
    • Living with SCI neuropathic pain - a new online self management tool - Live Plan Be - can help you gain the upper hand.
    • Pain relieving properties of cannabis 
    • In the moment - mindfulness
    • Size matters! - looking at the size of your wheelchair casters
    • Autonomic dysreflexia - botox to the rescue
    • and lots more...

Spinal Cord Injury Network Australia & New Zealand News

Articles of interest from academic journals

Impact of locomotion training with a neurologic controlled hybrid assistive limb (HAL) exoskeleton on neuropathic pain and health related quality of life (HRQoL) in chronic SCI: a case study, Oliver Cruciger, Thomas A. Schildhauer, Renate C. Meindl, Martin Tegenthoff, Peter Schwenkreis, Mustafa Citak & Mirko Aach, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, Volume 11, Issue 6, August 2016 

Peer mentoring of adults with spinal cord injury: a transformational leadership perspective, Mark R. Beauchamp, Louisa J. Scarlett, Geralyn R. Ruissen, Catherine E. Connelly, Christopher B. McBride, Sheila Casemore & Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Disability and Rehabilitation, Volume 38, Issue 19, September 2016. 

Effects of four-month handbike training under free-living conditions on physical fitness and health in wheelchair users, Sven Hoekstra, Linda Valent, David Gobets, Lucas van der Woude & Sonja de Groot, Disability and Rehabilitation: latest articles on Taylor & Francis Online, Pages: 1-8

The problem with inspiration porn: a tentative definition and a provisional critique, Jan Grue, Disability & Society: latest articles on Taylor & Francis Online, Pages: 1-12 

New Books, Articles, Websites added to the SCIA SCI Resources Library

To borrow any of the books listed please contact the library on or ph 02 9661 8855 or 1800 819 775. To see what else has been added to the library, click on Lists on the black bar on the home page of the library.  

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