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Featuring new developments and news about spinal cord injury, magazines and newsletters, interesting articles from academic journals and details of new resources that have recently been added to the library.

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News from the media and around the Internet


For news visit SCIA's news pages, the SCIA Facebook page or if you would like to learn how to set up Google Alerts which are a great way to monitor what is going on in the world of disability and spinal cord injury contact the library and we'll show you how.

Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Blogs

Click on the links to read the articles in full or to view the magazine table of contents. If you would like to read any of the articles that are featured from the magazine table of contents, let us know the details and we will send the article to you. 



AbleThrive - (Tips, advice, stories)

  • Monthly news for September 2019
    • Three "kid-approved" activities for parents with wheelchairs
    • Quadriplegic demonstrates how she walks her dog
    • Mobility of a c5/c6 quadriplegic


the Advocate (Spinal Life Australia Qld)


Carers NSW


Centre for Universal Design Australia (CUDA)


Disability Horizons

  • 23 Sept 2019 news 
    • 8 books with a disabled character as the lead or focus of the story
    • Ultimate guide to vitamins and minerals for better well-being
  • 9 Sept 2019 news
    • Have you considered Croatia for an accessible holiday?
    • Disability hacks and gadgets


Disability Services Consulting

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Every Australian Counts


Facing Disabilty






Link - This weeks What's news in Disability and Monthly magazine




NDIS News from


New Mobility (United Spinal Association, US)

  • Biweekly newsletter 19 Sept 2019
    • Strategies to avoid pressure sores
    • Surprising guilt free energy boosters - coffee and steak anyone?
    • When the Nightmare of an Airline Losing Your Wheelchair Comes True
    • New Posts from the Wide World of Disability
  • Biweekly newsletter 10 Sept 2019
    • Turning e-waste into electric trikes
    • Motorcycle milestone: “I pinned the throttle, dumped the clutch and went off like a scolded cat.”
  • Biweekly newsletter 3 Sept 2019
    • The Big Ideas Issue - Technology, Transportation, Culture, Community, Function


the Spin Magazine (Spinal Cord Injury, BC)

  • Fall 2019
    • The dark side of testimonials
    • Wheel love - read about and watch the short documentary
    • Accessibility - it's in the game!
    • Shoulder pain research
    • Toe spasticity


Spire - AQA Victoria


Topic of the Month

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New Books, Articles, Websites, Resources added to the Resources Library

To borrow any of the books listed please contact the library or ph 1800 819 775. To see what else has been recently added to the library, click on Lists on the black bar on the home page of the library. 

About the Resources Library

SCIA's Resources Library provides a comprehensive collection of resources relating to spinal cord injury and disability - you can search or browse by subject to all of the material in the library. Discover new resources, forums, websites, blogs and places that you can visit to share your experiences and learn from others. We are always on the lookout for new material to be added to the collection so if you come across something that you think the library should have please let us know. 

Library contacts and further assistance

If you have had a good look around the library and the Resources pages on our website and can’t find the information you are looking for, our staff are very happy to help you. We can be contacted on email or give us a call on 1800 819 775.

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  • AbleThrive (Content curated from all around the world)
  • CareCure Community Forum
  • Facing Disability (More than 1,000 videos of family members answering real-life questions about how they cope with a spinal cord injury).
  • Inspired - Spinal Cord Injury Support Community
  • Personal stories collection from the SCIA Resource Library
  • SCIA Facebook page
  • SCIA Forum 
  • SPINALpedia (A social mentoring and video network for the sci community)
  • Travel stories - the SCIA Resource Library collects travel stories - read about other people's adventures and get inspired
  • Youcan: You can do anything. A global collaborative community for and by people with disabilities. Read other people's personal stories, add your own or shop for products.

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