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Using the Library

To find items click on the headings on the home page or under "Browse subjects" or enter words into the Search box. 

Interpreting Search Results 

Search results provide the title of the item, author, publisher, the date published, subject/tags, availability, and any notes about the item. 

If an item is available online look in Online access. Clicking on the link here will take you straight to the resource. If an item is a hard copy book see under Availability - it provides the call number which if you were physically in the library it would indicate where you would find it on the shelf. If it is a hard copy book and you would like to borrow it we have provided some contact details so that you can arrange for it to be lent to you.

Borrowing from the Library

The SCI Resources Library can be fully accessed without the need to log in. Digital materials are able to be accessed and downloaded by anyone but borrowing an item will require you to be a member of SCIA. If you are not yet a member please go to our membership page on our website. If you are a member of SCIA please contact the library and we will add you as a patron of the library which will give you full borrowing rights.

Borrowing periods

Books are able to be borrowed for a month and renewed two further times. 

The Cart

It is possible to create reading lists for yourself or to send to other people. To do this just click on Add to cart from your Search Results and the items will be added to your cart. When you have finished compiling your list click on the Cart (See in the black bar) and select one of the options available to you. 

Need help with anything?

Send an email to or ring us on 1800 819 775.

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May 2019

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